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Stream and Watershed Science Graduate Certificate


Interdisciplinary Focus

The Stream and Watershed Science Graduate Certificate provides students with an understanding of the complex physical, biological and social systems involved in stream and watershed related issues.

Students may earn the certificate while making normal progress toward attainment of an M.S., M.A., or Ph.D. degree or while enrolled with post-baccalaureate status. Apply at the University of Kentucky Graduate School by visiting



Interdisciplinary Curriculum  


The Stream and Watershed Science Graduate Certificate offers degree-seeking graduate students and post-baccalaureate students an interdisciplinary, graduate-level curriculum that integrates many of the disciplines and professional areas of engineering and science, water quality, and policy and management in the study of stream and watershed systems and the successful management of these complex systems. Certificate coursework facilitates the understanding of research findings from diverse specialties and the field application of these findings in the management of stream and watershed systems.