University of Kentucky College of Agriculture College of Engineering



Carmen Agouridis, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

Research Focus

    "My program focuses on using applied research to address current issues in the natural resources community, particularly in the field of ecosystem restoration as it applies to streams impacted by mining, urban or agricultural activities; wetlands; and mined land reclamation. My research is also examining methods of improving stormwater management using green infrastructure such as rain gardens and stormwater wetlands as well as novel approaches such as weep berms and woodchip bioreactors. Additionally, I work in the area of geospatial analysis as it pertains to environmental impacts from grazing livestock and identification of headwater stream types (e.g. ephemeral, intermittent, and perennial)."

Ph.D., Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky, 2004.
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Tennessee, 2000.
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Tennessee, 1998.