Samuel G. McNeill, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Extension Professor

Extension Specialist


University of Kentucky

Research and Education Center

Princeton, Kentucky

(270) 365-7541, Ext. 213


B.S., 1974, Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

M.S., 1979, Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Ph.D., 1996, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN


Association Memberships:

  American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE)

  Association of Kentucky Extension Specialists (AKES)

  Gamma Sigma Delta (GåD)

Interest Areas

Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products, primarily grains, Post-Harvest Process Engineering, and Precision Agricultural Practices for Monitoring Grain Quality.


Current Research

  • S.G. McNeill, M.D. Montross, D. TeKrony. Drying, Storage and Germination Characteristics of Selected Specialty Grains .

  • S.G. McNeill, C.G. Poneleit, S.A. Shearer and S. Riggins.  Spatial variability of value-added components of corn, soybeans and wheat in Kentucky.

  • S.G. McNeill, M. D. Montross, and C.G. Poneleit.  Comparison of two NIR monitors for specialty grains.

  • S.G. McNeill and S.A. Shearer. No-till drill performance assessment for wheat stand establishment following corn.

  • M.D. Montross, S.G. McNeill, and D.E. Maier.  Optimization of aeration systems for value-added crop preservation.

  • M.D. Montross and S.G. McNeill.  Variability of value-added components in corn during handling.

  • M.D. Montross and S.G. McNeill. Grain Quality Laboratory.

  • M.D. Montross, S.G. McNeill, S.A. Shearer, and T.S. Stombaugh. Post-Harvest Physical Properties of Corn Stover. 

  • M.D. Montross and S.G. McNeill. Use of Near Infrared Reflectance to Determine Flour Quality. 

  • M.J. Buschermohle, S.G. McNeill, P. L. Kenkel, C.R. Patrick, D.W. Johnson, and L.O. Pordesimo. Integrating IPM Strategies in On-Farm Stored Grain in Tennessee and Kentucky. 

  • S.A. Shearer, J.P. Fulton, S.G. McNeill and S.F. Higgins. Voice recognition for field data collection.

  • S.A. Shearer, J.P. Fulton, S.G. McNeill.  Test stand for grain combine yield monitors.

  • T.F. Burks, S.A. Shearer, L.G. Wells, S.G. McNeill, F.P. Fulton and S.F. Higgins. Dynamic testing of force-impetus yield monitors. 

Extension Programs

Recent Publications

  1. McNeill, S.G., and M.D. Montross, 2003, Harvesting, Drying and Storing Grain Sorghum.  UKCA-CES pub. AEN-17.

  2. Bicudo, J.R., S.G. McNeill, L.W. Turner, R.W. Burris, and J.R. Anderson. 2002. Cattle handling facilities: Planning, components, and layouts. UKCA—CES pub. AEN-82.

  3. McNeill, S.G., Z.A. Henry, L.R. Wilhelm and L.R. Walton.  2001.  Delayed harvest effects on moisture sorption properties of soybeans.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 17(3): 329-340.

  4. McNeill, S.G. and M.D. Montross.  2001.  Harvesting, Drying and Storing Corn. In: Corn Production in Kentucky.  UKCA—CES pub. ID-139.

  5. Shearer, S.A., S.G. McNeill, G.A. Watkins, and S.F. Higgins.  2000.  Grain drill calibration procedures for winter wheat. UKCA—CES pub. AEN-81.

  6. Grove, J.H., J. Herbek, D. Hershman, D. Johnson, J. Martin, S. McNeill, L. Murdock, R. Trimble, D. Van Sanford and W. Witt.  2000.  No-Till Small grain production in Kentucky.  UKCA—CES pub. ID-136.

  7. McNeill, S.G.  2000. When should you start harvesting corn in 2000?  Economic and Policy Update.  Vol. 00 No. 13.  UK Agricultural Economics Department.

  8. Vincelli, P. and McNeill, S.G. 2000.  Diplodia ear rot update.  Kentucky Pest News No. 898.  UK Entomology Department.

  9. McNeill, S.G., S.A. Shearer, and G.A. Watkins.  2000.  Agricultural pesticide handling and application technology demonstrations—Final report.  Prepared for the Kentucky Division of Conservation and Division of Water and the USEPA Regional Office in Atlanta, GA.

  10. McNeill, S.G. and D.W. Johnson.  2000.  Managing insect pests in stored wheat.  The Grain Scoop (Newsletter by the Ky. Small Grain Growers Association).

  11. McNeill, S.G., S.A. Shearer, G.A. Watkins, and S,F. Higgins.  2000.  No-till drill comparison for wheat stand establishment following corn.  Summary report to the Ky. Small Grain Growers Association.

  12. McNeill, S.G. and M.D. Montross.  1997.  Harvesting, Drying and Storing Wheat. In: A Comprehensive Guide to Wheat Management in Kentucky.  UKCA—CES pub. ID-125.

Publications Under Review 

  1. McNeill, S.G., S.A. Thompson, M.D. Montross, I.J. Ross.  2002.  Effects of broken corn on bulk density and packing of corn. (for the Journal of Applied Engineering in Agriculture).

  2. McNeill, S.G., S.A. Thompson, M.D. Montross, I.J. Ross.  2002.  Packing of feed materials in bulk storage. (for the Journal of Applied Engineering in Agriculture).

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