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Web Soil Survey

Our colleagues at the USDA-NRCS now provide on-line soil survey data that is viewable in a web environment.  This tool is a giant leap forward for Precision Ag practitioners, as it provides all the information available for the soils in an "area of interest (AOI)" that you specify.  In addition to the soils data, it also calculates the acreage and percent of a field that each soil type represents.  more

GPS Explained

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a cornerstone of Precision Agriculture.  But, have you ever wondered how it really works?  In a new Extension publication, a group of UK researchers explain the principles behind a satellite based positioning system, how the data is differentially corrected, and the classification of GPS receivers.  more

Soil Test Recommendation Calculator

Making plans on  what fertilizer products  and  how much fertilizer to put on your field's this spring?  Take soil test data and compare products and application rates with the Soil Testing Calculators developed by the University of Kentucky Regulatory Services. more

Precision Agriculture Weather

So the weather man says its going to rain later, but you've got to spray... today!  You need a more precise weather forecast.


The University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture is pursuing research and extension activities to assess and validate the potential of precision agriculture practices in Kentucky.  The intent and purpose of this web site is to make applicable information available to Kentucky producers, land owners and agri-business managers and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas related to the adoption and use of spatial technologies.


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The Precision Agriculture and Precision Resource Management programs were made
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