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Hay Storage Systems

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Model Program - KY Agriculture Development Fund

Example Program Applications

Principles / Losses / Options / Costs

Planning / Design

Barn Plans
Note: These plans are for illustrative and informational purposes only. They are not intended as construction drawings or to establish requirements of various farm programs involving const-shared construction.

Hay Storage for Round or Rectangular Bales - Plan M-7601 - Canada Plan Service
40' w, 19' h, 8' pole spacing, round pole construction

Hay Storage with Trusses Spaced 8 Ft. - Plan M-7602 - Canada Plan Service
24', 30', 36' w, 19'h, 8' pole spacing, round pole construction

Big Bale Hay Storage (Side Loading) - KY 731-4
40' w, 16' h, 8' / 16' post spacing, one side open

Commodity Storage Bin - Plan 6364
Bins 12' w, 36' d, shed roof, 17'-9" front clearance, concrete floor

Construction Contracting

Selecting A Post-Frame Building Contractor
Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication # 442-761

Signing a Post-Frame Building Contract
Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication # 442-762


Hay Fires: Prevention and Control
University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service Publication # PB1306

Large Round Bale Safety
Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication # 442-455