Helpful Hints
Introduction to the KY Ag Water Quality Act Planning Tool webinar (recorded 3/05/2012)
FSA Number / Tract Number

The FSA Number of a typical farm in Kentucky is a six-digit code. Tract numbers can be up to six digits as well. If the number is not known when the initial record entry is created, using 9999 or another substitute is allowed by the database procedure. Likewise, default tract numbers can be assigned that can be updated later as the information is provided.

Multiple Records - Single Username and Password

The AWQP Webtool allows for a single username and password to be used for multiple records in the database. For example, you are assisting multiple producers with their plans and you don't want to remember multiple login information! When you create a new plan record, use the single username and password. Then when you return as a current user, entering that username and password will link you to a listing of all the plan records you have created with those credentials. (See example.)

Printing Tips for your plan

The plan document is designed to print out with 1" margins. However, settings on your default printer may produce undesirable results. These can be corrected. For best results, use these guidelines:

  1. Click File --> Print Preview

  2. Depending on your browser:
    • Internet Explorer (see example)
      1. Click on the Page Settings icon
      2. Set all margins to 1"
      3. Under "Header", leave all options "Empty"
      4. Under "Footer", for the bottom option, choose "Page # of total pages"

    • Firefox (see example)
      1. Click on the Page Setup button
      2. Click the Margins & Header/Footer tab
      3. Set all margins to 1"
      4. Under Headers & Footers, leave the top row "blank"
      5. On the bottom row, center - choose "Page # of #"