Copyright & Warranty Information

This BMP Generator was developed by Curt Judy, Todd County Extension Agent for Ag. and Natural Resources (ANR). Copyright 2000 University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. All Rights Reserved. This version for the WWW was developed from Curt Judy's original work by the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department of the University of Kentucky.

This program may be used by any individual who is required to complete a Kentucky Ag. Water Quality Plan or by an employee of a governmental agency (such as a Kentucky Cooperative Extension Office or a local Kentucky Conservation District) who is responsible for assisting landowners and/or farm operators in developing Kentucky Ag. Water Quality Plans.

This program/application is provided with no warranty, expressed or implied. Changes may be made to the content, struction, and/or function of this program/ application and/or its documenttation at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revision or changes.