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The BAE academic program offers a unique and valuable educational experience. While other engineering students may study a single discipline, the BAE program includes coursework in a variety of engineering disciplines, complemented by classes in biological sciences. When students reach advanced-level courses, they choose a specialty area according to their individual interests.


One thing you’ll enjoy as a student in the BAE program is the environment. Nearly every BAE student you’ll talk to will describe the department in a similar way: “It’s like a family.” Clichéd as that might sound, we pride ourselves on taking care of our students, on helping them become confident, competent leaders. You’ll enjoy a close personal academic experience in which faculty look after the students, and students look after each other. Perhaps that’s because the faculty-to-student ratio is much lower than in most other engineering programs, or perhaps it’s because we all share an awareness of the higher sense of purpose in our work.

We invite you to visit the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department to learn more about our undergraduate programs. If you would like more information about our programs or would like to schedule a visit, please call or use our Online Schedule Tool. We'd love to hear from you.