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Items not available online can be requested from the BAE Plan Service.

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Publication No. (if applicable) File Format Title of Publication Author(s)
AEU - Agricultural Engineering Updates
AEU-27   Irrigation Planning Checklist Logsdon, Warner
AEU-32 PDF (Short Course) Trickle Irrigation Installation for Horticulture Crops (Due to the size of this file, 5 smaller files are available for download: AEU-32a; AEU-32b; AEU-32c; AEU-32d; AEU-32e) Warner, Baier
AEU-36 PDF Kentucky Irrigation Dealers Warner, Duncan
OTHER - Other Available Literature and Publications
Most of the following publications are not available online. They can be requested from the BAE Plan Service.
MWPS-30   Sprinkler Irrigation Systems (1999) - 250 pages - $20.00  
NCR-148   Irrigation Crop-Share and Cash Rental Arrangements for Your Farm (1997) - 18 pages - $4.00  
NRAES-4   Trickle Irrigation in the Eastern United States (1985) - 24 pages - $6.00  
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