Journal Articles
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Conference Papers
  • Liang, Y., H. Xin, E.F. Wheeler, R.S. Gates, H. Li, J.S. Zajaczkowski, P. Topper and K.D. Casey. 2004. Ammonia Emmissions from U.S. Layer Houses.  Proceedings of the 2004 ASAE/CSAE Annual International Meeting, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 1-4,2004. 
  • Gates, R.S., K.D. Casey, E.F. Wheeler, H. Xin, A.J. Pescatore, J.L. Zajaczkowski, J.R. Bicudo, P.A., Topper and Y. Liang, M. Ford. 2004. Broiler House Ammonia Emissions: U.S. Baseline Data. Proc of Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition and Health and Management Conference and Degussa Corporation's Technical Symposium. May 25-27, 2004. Indianapolis, IN.
  • Xin, H., Y. Liang, R.S. Gates, E.F. Wheeler. 2004 Ammonia Emission from Iowa Layer Houses. Proceedings of the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention, St. Paul, MN. March 16-18, 2004, Buffalo, MN: Midwest Poultry Federation.
  • Wheeler, E.F., K.D. Casey, J.S. Zajaczkowski, P.A. Topper, R.S. Gates, H. Xin, Y. Liang, A. Tanaka. Ammonia Emissions from U.S. Poultry Houses: Part III - Broiler Houses. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Air Pollution from Agricultural Operations, Research Triangle Park, NC, October 2003. American Society of Agricultural Engineers, St. Joseph, MI: ASAE.
  • Liang, Y., H. Xin, A. Tanaka, S.H. Lee, H. Li, E.F. Wheeler, R.S. Gates, J.S. Zajaczkowski, P.A. Topper and K.D. Casey. 2003. Ammonia Emissions from Layer Houses in Iowa. International Symposium on Gaseous and Odour Emissions from Animal Production Facilities, 1-4 June. Horsens, Jutland, Denmark.

Fact Sheets and Other Extension Publications

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