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  Biofuels in Kentucky
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
University of Kentucky


Biofuel Resources for Teachers



Grow Your Own Energy  

Module Summary


Population Video

Resource Allocation

Corn Products

Corn Craft

Renewable Energy

Energy Game

The purpose of this educational module is to engage middle and high school students in renewable energy issues. The module includes a variety of activities to teach students that decisions related to renewable energy are not straight-forward and obvious. The choices are inter-related and in order to make a good decision, all aspects of the system must be understood and taken into account.

The Module Summary (pdf file) provides an outline of all the activities plus an estimated time for each activity. Click here to download a zip file containing all 23 files used in this module.

Outline of module:

1. Population Video

2. Resource Allocation Demonstration

3. What is Made from Corn?

4. Corn Craft

5. Renewable Energy: Ethanol

6. Energy Game








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